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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Dear Mr.Balakumar,

    SOmeone close to me did badly in her examination.please advise me on the words that can be chanted to secure pass marks as I don’t have any access in procuring any bach flower remedies.
    lease advice.thank you for helping people it is very appreciated.

  2. namaskar naran sir ji,,,,,i hv no self confidence…not a good orator….i m loosing my confidence in front of others….during speech in the class…….but i want to increase my confidence…..i also want to top in university….plz suggest me any type of remedy which increase my confidence and for getting the good marks in studies….and every teacher praise me for my confidence….plz sir help me…..

  3. Ji, If I chant “Find Divine Order Count Now Done” i get business enquiry but closings are not happening. what to do? and chant?

    • Add Together – because one part wants business, there will be another part in us which want something else. Together will bring them together to achieve your objectives

      “Together Find Divine Order Count Now Done”

  4. My son lacks confidence in himself. Though he is good in studies but same times hates to study. Very fussy.

  5. any mantra to get job soon?

  6. Hi Sir,

    My daughter will sit for the final exam coming October, can you assit me for he rto get all subject over 90% and get firsit in her class, She is ten years old and sometimes very careless in her answer. She got 3 r fon the Mid term and than now only got 7th in her class in the monthly exam, I hope you can help to make her get all over 90% abd be first in her class, She always tell me that its impossible. Thank you sir

  7. Sir can you assist are you there

  8. I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

    • I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

  9. thank you sir, The chant need to be done by me(mother)?And 398 means i write 398? in paper and put under her bed

    thank you for confirming.

  10. Thank you so much.

  11. sir please help me I have so many backlogs 15 of my past and present semester 6 I have to clear all of them and as I am in my final year I don’t have choice I have to clear them or else I will not be awarded degree sir please help me to clear all of them with mantra please help me in getting concentration I have my exams from November I have less time sir please help me …

  12. A 10 yr old child is having problems with any physical activity.Starts and then does not want to continue , be it games, music or dance.Becoming slightly rebellious with parent.Pl suggest some remedy

  13. i would be giving my ca exams in nov…pleade help..i really want to paas..i’m doing the hard work..
    please help

  14. HI Sir,

    Please assist me with my brother who doesn’t go to work and keep asking me and people around money.Please let me chant on behalf of him to go to work and work long and dont ask anyone money. Thank you

  15. Hi Sir,
    No reply from you for my brother. Thank you for confirming.

  16. sir any reply for brother who doesnt work and keep asking money thank you

  17. Sir, i am appearing for my ca final exam for the fourth time.. Even after all the hard word i havent been able to clear and have now lost interest and self confidence. exam is due in a week, Plz help me pass..

  18. Sir, plz clarify the ambika mantra.. As in some places it is written.. “AMBIKA ANAADINIDANA.. ” and somewhere it is ” AMBIKA ANAADINITHANA…”
    which one to chant?

  19. Sir My name is Purnima , i have completed my Btech ECE , I want to get a good job soon .I’m not sure in to which field i have to go . Govt or Software . I am in a confusion Please help me .

  20. sir… i’m studying in 12th std.. please tell me what i should do for getting very good excellent scores.. and im preparing for medical entrance exam next year.. im getting distracted.. im not getting good marks even after putting constant efforts.. i want to top my class… please help me sir.. im very scared and tensed..

  21. Hello Sir, my son needs help in his studies. He is a good boy and does all of his work, but he seems to not really understand all the lessons and as a result receives poor grades. He does the work when he is told, but he lacks the concentration and focus and sometimes forgets concepts as soon as they are explained to him. He wants to do well, but just doesn’t understand his lessons. Please advise. Thank you in advance for your help.

  22. Hello, My final exams are starting this week, I really want to do well so as to pass and get a good result. In many post I have seen the remedies such the Ambika Mantra but also i have seen “write 398 in a paper”. Im actually confuse whether the chants have to be written 398 times or just the figures which has to be written? Please help me out!

  23. naran, my father suffers from parkinsons, how can it be cured by chanting mantras also give a mantra for the same.

  24. Hi naran sir… I’m preparing for one of the most toughest competitive exam and aiming to get admission from a particular college desperately. But my mind is not focused and tends to postpone the preparation. I have only 40 days left for the exam and i have prepared very less. Please help me gain focus in my preparation and please give me switch words to get into that particular college only. Thanks for your advice.

  25. hi, im preparing for the exam called icwai, i tried my level best, but im not reaching the goal from past 2 years, and getting scolding also, next 5 days i have exames and im getting worried about that,pls suggest me to get success atleast this time to focus on the study as well since im working also.

  26. This is for my brother, he passed out his written exam for bank. Please guide so that e gets a call for interview and gets selected. And please tell me a remedy which i can do on his behalf

  27. Respected Guruji,

    My brother in law was trying for the police job but he is able to get into physical and not able to clear written.
    please suggest him to get the job.

  28. In the first list his name is not there and may be in second list it may come.
    please suggest guruji

  29. Sir,
    Any remedy to win court cases…for last 3 yrs my father is having court cases..whose dates r shifting from one to another…any mantra to chant so that hearing is done fast and on his side..

  30. i gave my CA exams in nov 13
    i put in a lot of hard work in them and i still failed ..i dont know why …i havent done this kind of hard work in my whole life..i was sure that i’ll pass but i did not
    i have a friend who passed the exams ..he never used to attend the classes…was too casual towards CA…i’m not jealous of him..its just that i put in so alot of hard work and i still failed…
    i used to chant ..’aspen, gentian, wild rose’ and ‘mustard oak goarse honeysuckle’ around 100 times for 4 months…
    please help..i’m really tensed…i dont know why my hard work didnt show results…
    i really have to pass the exams next time
    ..please help..

  31. Sir
    My son has given exam for admission, but He was not writing in the exam hall,siting ideally. I have given him larch,rescue remedy, vine scleranthus
    . While he was in examination hall i keep on chanting slow care reach strech on.
    He carried 398 in his pocket.result will be declare on wed.
    He do not study in school also, but study at home when I scold him.
    Tell me What to do
    Presently I give him chestnutbud, hornbeam, water violet, oak.

  32. sir,,
    im doing medical laboratory
    please help me in my studies..give me the power of memorizing to catch up fast in my studies

  33. Sir,

    My Son was a topper and off late he is unable to concentrate and looks like memorising things and forgetting it within a day. Also he is not able to produce the outputs on exam paper. Can you please suggest some remedies? He is taking up his 10th exams from next month.

  34. sir i have mah xams within 10 days. nd i m not able to get the best switch word for me. so plz let me know which iz the best switch word for me. !

  35. Sir,I am Pranjali I am going to appear for an SBI specialist officer exam on 19 april this is competitive exam with negative marking.I have given many banking exams before ,last one bank clerk exam which i had passed but just because i put my caste wrongly in application form they disqualified me in interview.I have done MCA & still jobless from two years. i am confused about my life and this time also i put my birthdate wrongly in SBI application form So please suggest any switch word to pass this exam with great score and after there won’t be any problem come in interview.I am also confused with what to use 398 or ambika mantra or gentian or find divine order Please help me I am going through shani sadesati as well

  36. respected sir…..
    I m student of class 12 and in may the result assumed to be declared. sir I worked too hard above my expectation. and my papers too goes well
    ….but my English and physics papers does not go too well…….sir pls help me to pass in board with 80%……I worked really too hard, but now I m scaring. pls help me

  37. Sir, I seat for A-levels exam twice and I keep fail the same subject. Pls help to me to pass tat subject…i need 2 passes to continue my degree.
    P.S. I don’t have access to flower remedies.

  38. Dear sir, i am to complete my M.E. Degree. anxious and curious about getting good job. pressure from family . pls help me

  39. Namaskaram

    My daughter is studying for her 12th grade
    Please help us by sharing a mantra that will benefit her. She is sincere, however sometimes loses focus on studies.
    She is sensitive and gets anger if I ask her to study again and again , she does well when the test is for 1 or 2 lessons … Please help us so that she will get more confidence to do well in all the her exams. Please guide me and let me know what I should do for her so she regains confidence and excels in all the subjects.Even in school there is not much support for her.

    From Today she has started her 1st Exam , I am also very tensed.

    Blessing for my family from Amma Varahi Ambika

  40. Sir
    I was a student of andhra pradesh ,India.
    I completed my 10 standard.
    I was living at hostel.
    How can I get good concentration and top marks in my class?
    How could I be a topper?
    I don’t have any facilities of pills and mantras.
    Please suggest me some easy techniques.
    Thank you sir.
    Yours faithfully,

  41. Sir,
    i am pursuing cs .. I study a lot but unable to get satisfactory marks.. please suggest me mantra to get satisfactory result this time ..I m losing my confidence day by day ..I put my 100% but failed to score good marks …

  42. Sir i m a persuing ca. I could nt clear ipcc group 1 this time. I am appearing for ipcc group 2 in nov. please guide me so that i clear this group with nos. & mantra.

  43. Sir, I am appering for Government job. Please help me in studying and to get the government job.

  44. Sir, I am currently reading in 11 .
    I’m very weak in studies .
    What should I do to clear IIT MAINS&ADVANCED, UPSC SCRA EXAM as well as to score 99.8% in 12th board exam.

  45. I have DHA nursing exam on November 23 2014 , I m too tensed about passing exam. I m studying and do all my house hold works and also clinic job. I want to pass the exam . Please help me

  46. Sir

    Im currently pursuing a professional course with two papers left to clear. I tend to forget whatever i have studied. Please help me with tips to improve my concentration and memory.

  47. hi…sir..ri8 now m preparing for competitive examz….bt cudn’t work hard s required due to sum -ve thoughts that ve developed in my mind since last 2-3 yrs…evn i know that they r my HALUCINATIONS… still i cudn’t neutralise them completely…….so jst tell m sum NUMBER or MANTRA to wwork hard for my upcoming exams and to get the dzired results.

  48. also…m waitin for the results of sum examz i ve given recently…so….kindly give sum MANTRA or NUMBER to get the +ve result and i get selected in the final merit list……i shall b GRATFUL TO U….thank u…


    my daughter in class XII she has born in march 15, 1998, she is not doing in pre-board exams please guide us what to do for her to improve in studies.

  50. I have been doing graduation for last 6 years and I am not able to clear my History exam because I always forget during exam what i have learnt. Even I can’t concentrate my mind on studies. My History exam will be on May or June 2015 and result will come October or November 2015. I am worried about my studies and Job. Please help me.

  51. Dear Sir,
    My son studying B.Tech Ist Year could not face the Ist Semester Exam,unable to concentrate, Please guide us what to do to go thru the exams successfully

  52. i studied well for my exams.But i’ve made alot of careless mistakes and forgot half which i read because of nervousness . my parents are very strict, they want me to do well in exams.pls help me!!!!.

  53. Juturu Mounika

    J . mounika April 3,2015

    I am studying professional course CA I have failed two attempts and I am going to write exams in may sir I am poor in accounting and costing sir please guide me how I can write my
    exams successful lying and also I have to improve my memory power sir please help me!!!!!!!!

  54. Dear Naran sir,

    My son is preparing for his medical entrance exams. Though he prepares well he didn’t fair well in the exams which he has written till now. One exam is left which is during last week of next month. Please advise remedies and help him for better performance

  55. My son was a bright student. After passing X last year we admitted him in science stream for class xi and changed his school. He could not perform well and failed in xi class. He is repeating xi with commerce stream. Please advise remedies for better studies and concentration as he is having lack of concentration and confidence which he was having earlier.

  56. hello sir,
    m having problem in clearing my CA ipcc exam.
    i feel lazy to study though i want to study.
    i have already given 2attempts. i want to pass both the groups of ipcc this november 2015 with rank.
    please give me suggestion.

  57. ViraJ Vijay Gurav

    Good morning sir this is son is in 8th std in icse board his exam starts from next week ,one of my friend suggested ur son is not concentrating in his studies properly,as he is going to higher std his marks are continously going backwards,he has come from 79% TO 45% n also very low in maths subject,can u suggest me something.

  58. I am studying CA I have failed 4 attempts and I am going to write exams in november sir. I dont know why is this happening to me. sir please guide me how I can write my
    exams successfully and clear my exams and also I have to improve my concentration and memory power sir please help me!!!!!!!!

  59. Hello sir
    M prepareing for medical entrances BT I didn’t slected m like lost please help me I want to crake exam with good rank n also want master in physics chemistry biology plz help me plzzzz I want to become a cancer speclist coz my father is death by cancer I want to full fill my parent dream plz help me

  60. sir, i am writing the cma foundation exam 19th sept and results will declare on 22nd sept .i want in the cma foundation this time so please tell me that which ambika i want to study and what is the procedure

  61. sir, i have given civil services prelims exam. I am waiting for the results. i really wish to clear it please help me and tell me which mantra should i recite

  62. Dear sir,

    Am struggling with loy of debts I need 6lakhs by 8th of this month Oct 2015. None to help me. I have no way am fully blank. Pls do help me to get 6lakhs immediately. Pls do help me sir. Will never forget this help in my life.


  63. Sir anybody can chant dis ambika mantraa for success in study

  64. Dear Sir,

    My Daughter haritapriya is 12th std bio-maths group.she is offen becoming sick during her exam time pls refer a remedies for a getting good marks in studies her date of birth 03/10/1999.


  65. hi,
    I am studying BCA 2nd year. My exams are going on now. In first semester i did well in my exams. but later on, my interest and focus has fallen down. this time, my internals also very less. but i want to score above 90% in all exams this time. please advice me. I dont understand what is this pills and the other names you have mentioned for others.

  66. Naran ji m studying in law. I am in academy to pass my law enforcement. I cant focuse. I failed once. I came back to clear if I dont pass I will loose my job. I dont have any access to get flowers remedy. Anything else I can do. Thanks

  67. sir m doing ca… i cleared CPT in 1st attempt, but not cleared ipcc from last 4 attempts… i did nd doing lots of hardwork but result came as fail…
    so for studies nd getting best result in which will b in july end or aug. 1st week, suggest me …. plzzzz

  68. Dear Guruji,

    I am preparing for IELTS Exams and has given 4times before this attampt but all time I get lack by half band less result then required.

    As I do reiki and chanted this mantr in my last exam which was on 24th october but everytime Result demotivate me

    please help to set my confidence and concentration and can get desired result this time

    my exam is on 20th feb 2016


  69. My daughter saranya is very good at studies.studies regularly has great ambitions.she is taking her board exam this year March.what should i chant to help her…to her recollect answers.

  70. Hello,
    I used ambika mantra and it definitely helped me clear one of my most important interview with very ease. This time I need your help for My brother, 33 years old. He has chronic kidney disease from last 5 years and he is on life support system. Please suggest me what I can do for his miraculous healing, is there any specific mantra that I can chant for my brother’s healing. Please help me. Thank you!

  71. sir i am very impressed with your methods. please guide me my daughter is preparing for c.a final exam for may 2016. attempt . this is her 5th attempt.And persuing mba. exams are in april 2016. she and i are very tense. pl. guide me.

  72. sir
    eska reply kb milega

  73. Sir
    Next month I have my dream company.Plz suggest me a way to crack the company first round and interview process.I badly want that company

  74. Sir
    Next month I have my dream company.Plz suggest me a way to crack the company.I badly want it

  75. My daughter has lost interest in her studies.She is not doing well in her exam.i dont know how she will fare her grade 11 exam.Please help me.Tell me which mantra to chant.She wont chant the mantra I am going to do on her behalf

  76. sanika lokhande

    Dear Sir, Namaskar !!! My son is in 2nd std. He is hyperactive/liitle aggressive and cannot sit on one place more than 10 mins. Due to this he is very slow in writing and does not complete his notebooks as well as exam/test papers on time even if he knows all answers. Sometimes he hurts his friends and I get complaints from their parents. Please advise me.
    Thanks….. Sanika

  77. respected sir, i give a money to my friend but after two years she not giving me? what schould i do?

  78. Megha
    Good Morning sir,
    My Daughter is in 12th this year and he is going to take up his board exams in March/April 2018 Exam will start from 21 Feb 2018 – she does not spend more time to study, she always sits in the last minute before test/exams and studies, which panics me, she gets only average marks, She is very week in physics and chemistry i want her to score good marks in PCM, i want her to score atleast more than 90% marks and also sit on her own to study and work hard. her mind gets distracted very often, she gets frustrated and screams at everyone at home. Se is also getting more shot temper and not polite talk please suggest some remedy for her. She has also developed dandruff due to tension in his head, please suggest some remedy for her to sit and study on her own and work hard and also for her dandruff to go away – tell me some angel numbers and mantras to chant on her behalf.

  79. Hello sir ,

    I am writing GRE exam for the second time .In the first attempt i got 292/340 . I am writing the exam for the second time to score 300+ in the exam . I have the exam on 18/01/2018 and i am very nervous if i can score 300+ in the exam . Please suggest me some remedy to score 300+ in the exam .

    Please do the needful as i have only 2 days left for the exam.

    Thank You.

  80. Hello
    I want to know switchword so my child can secure 90%marks in her coming board exams.
    Regards neha

  81. My son is a hardworking and intelligent child. He has been preparing for competitive entrance exams for past 2 years.
    Please suggest what can I as mother do for him to achieve desired success.

  82. Hello,
    My son has written his CBSE 12th board exams this year. He says his exams went well, however he is getting very worried about his results. Even I am also becoming very worried now, we want him to get at least 85% to 90% marks for his future admissions. Please let me know what can I do to make this happen.
    Also he is preparing for several competitive exams as well as targeting to get admission in a very good university either in India our even outside India, provided he scores excellent and gets scholarship. What can I do to help him achieve his dreams?

  83. Sir..I have a 10 years old daughter…She is weak in few subjects like Maths and social studies.she cant memorize long answers and finds difficult to solve maths sums.she forgets her answers on next day itself so cant write much in the papers.please give me some remedies or mantras so that she can get good marks in her exams and she can excel in her class.thank u .waiting for your reply.

  84. Sir ,
    Could you please help me with Switchwords for students to settle abroad easily and pay attention to their goals .Thank You Always

  85. Dear sir, my daughter is in classX she is not focusing in her study she likes watch TV all the time.pls suggest something so she can focus on her study and score excellent marks

  86. One of the person taken money and cheated me. what to chant to recover the money?

  87. Priya Sorout

    Hi naran sir firstly thank you for all the positivity u are spreading my problem is that i want to have admission in a certain college for my studies pls give me smthng to chant !

  88. scalped hands

    To crack medical entrance with great score tell me the mantra..

  89. Hello sir
    I’m a bds student can’t pass 1 exam
    From last 2 attempts.. there are around 10thousand questions I’m
    Not able to
    Learn memorize and study 😦 I forget what I studied During exam
    I can’t sit and concentrate while studying these questions
    Passing this exam

  90. priyachaurasia121

    Respected sir
    I want to get admission in Banaras Hindu University into the course of b.ed special education in the year of 2021 without any hurdles and wanted to my father to in my favour..

  91. sindhujakvenkat

    Respected Sir, my daughter 6 years old. Walked late spoke late but now multi lingual. School complaint that She is very behind other kids. They doubt she might have some learning issues. In home too she puts lot of effort but forget it. Please tell a remedy. Thanks

  92. Thakur Virender

    I’m going to appear for ielts and govt police exam
    I’m preparing for many year I need a job pls suggest me SW or something to pass and get job and support my family.

  93. Priya Lourembam

    I have been failing in FMGE since fast 2 years.
    Please do suggest me what can i do to pass when I apper it this time.
    Thank you.

  94. sir i read in class 10 but last year i become topper in exam but nowdays i am studing hard but i cannot get result what i want please give some switchword for being topper in exam please sir

  95. Sir, iam studyng btech I have 3 backlogs pls advice me the chant mantra to pass in exams and clear my backlogs.thank you sir

  96. Hello Naran ji,
    I am preparing for my medical board exams. I am studying really hard for it and I want to score really high and get a competitive score. I get anxiety and keep postponing my exam because I don’t feel prepared. Sometimes I get confused between two answer choices. Please suggest me a mantra that would increase my score tremendously.

    Thank you,

  97. Hello sir, I have just given the government exam, its result is going to come soon, which Switchworld should be used to get the desired Mark’s.

  98. Sir,
    I was diagnosed with stomach ulcer and gall bladder stone almost 3 years back and i was having sever pain attacks and had gall bladder removed laparoscopically 20 days back. Now again it is told that i have umbellicle hernia. But I don’t want to have any more health related issues in my life. I’m totally broken from inside and I’m on a diet from past 3 years which I may have to follow for life time still no changes in my weight.
    Please suggest me some remidy or mantra for healthy and happy (may be i can just think of this) body.

  99. shwetharavi055

    I have performed really well (95%) throughout my education journey but now I am not able to clear competitive exam (IAS), my goal. Please do suggest me some remedy.

  100. Gratitude to the Naren Sir, I am going to appear for my Japanese Language Proficiency test on 4th Dec 2022…. Need to crack it, studying but not so much understanding…..May pls provide a solution.

  101. Dear Balakumar sir,
    My X board exams started from yesterday,exam was quite good but sir I am very weak in maths and science & this is my last chance to score the highest marks . Many people have expectations from me..i am very scared and also not only in sci. And maths I want to score above 95 marks in every subject, Please help me 🙏
    Thanks& regards

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