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I have written CA final exams and waiting for results. Is there any mantra to have confidence and get positive results?




To get favorable results: TOGETHER you work with DIVINE, and BRING it by MAGIC.

CA is the name of the exam and not a switch word.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Is their any switch word for health problem also? Myself having heart problem j hv gn already worte to u abt that reg valvesurgery, but now have a option for that thru ayurvedic treatment consulted dr. That they treat it with panchkarma treatment wi th herbal medicine. But some pl have positive result and some not geting favourable result. I REQUEST YOU TO GIVE ME SWITCHWORD or mantra to get positive result for me. Pls help me.

  2. for heart problem u can use heart mudra.. its works like a miracle……

    • Iam doing heart mudra for the past three yrs with that only moving on. I AM ASKING whether any switxhword to get positive result wi th ayurveda treatment ? Likee using toghther divine ……… what to add in the blank ? Heal my heart? Or reach help now?last week also took Ecg dr teling may be blocks in the arteries and it can b cured withtheir ayurvedic treatment.

      • ns,
        which doctor is telling you “block” in the artery. If so, how much? any angiogram done?
        what are the symptoms you are having?
        Get yourself checked by an allopath.

        • Naran Sir,

          I am doing this mudras for past 3 yrs,for palpitation and i hv B.P. during Menopause it started. So i used to mudras regularly and i do yoga and pranayam regularly. After my husbands illness all my routine shattered not doing yoga regularly but mudras i do. heart mudra, pran mudra suryamudra etc
          I recently found that i hv valve problem three months back. I dont like allopathy I prefer only homeopathy. so i hv not visited any big doctors in my life.B4 25 yrs i had arthritis problem i tried many allopathy but homeopathy only cured me from that. Allopathy does not suit me, so i dont prefer allopathy.

          i hv not yet done angiography. done 2-D echo with that cardiologist telling my aorta valve is damaged to be replaced by valve surgery/ valve not opening and closing properly. when i walk i have uneasiness in the neck portion ( pulling sensation) immediately i do heart mudra pain goes off.
          One of my sons friend had same problem he became okay by ayurvedic treatment (carditonic Treatment) panchkarma done. some ppl benefitted by their treatment some not. They telling the will make heart stronger with their treatment (massage , steam bath, shirodhara, heart dhara with herbal enema is their treatment) I also consulted them. I want to try that. In Allopathy no medicine, only option is valve replacement surgery i.e is open heart surgery. Before that they will take angio graphy if blocks are there they suggest for by pass surgery also. with help of ECG they feel blocks will be there. Since i am diabetic they expect blocks also. I hv fear of surgery. On gng thru ur site I am chanting many mantras I feel refreshed, but dont know what will be the result. Only praying God to get rid of my problem.
          Now you are the only solace to me now.
          Expecting early reply sir.

  3. Dear Naran Sir,
    Can the same switchwords be used at work for successful completion of work by understanding the business and technology?

  4. Naran sir cn u give me chant or spell or angel number or switch words for regulating irregular female problems and also for exam preparation and for exam time and after exams? Please.

  5. Hellow Naran Ji,

    Hope!!! You remember me. I am Salem Kannan. I came to you to get advice and as per your advice, I have cleared my interview successfully. Now, there is a problem in my role of work there and a confusion in it.

    Kindly advice me to get over it. What kind of switch words I must use for it.

    Since this is a job based in UAE, there is lot of process and procedures to get cleared and get there.

    Thanks and waiting for your reply,

    With kind regards,

  6. iam 2nd year student of engineering and i try to remember my topics and studies but can’t . i try to study hard but at the last moment i forgot to give the output is there any way or any mantra for this .plz i need your help.

  7. iam 2nd year student of engineering and i try to remember my topics and studies but can’t . i try to study hard but at the last moment i forgot to give the output is there any way or any mantra for this .plz i need your help. give your mantra in hindi as for pronounciation.

  8. I hav written my ca final examination n waiting for results.. For positive results what mantra shuld i chant

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