Study Well

Rule your Mind

I am sorry mantra for fulfillment: suppose we have an unfulfilled desire, say “I have to study this degree”. That desire should be termed as a divine study. Chant, “I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE STUDY”.

Any issue has a self (living consciousness) and that self has lack of love. Therefore, the issue is unsolved or it is not happening. Thus, we have to give lot of love to that issue. We do that with the “I Am Sorry” mantra.


Give Reiki to your books to learn the subject very well. Give Reiki to your pen and on the paper where you are going to write your exams.

Bach Flower Remedies

Study pack for children

A combination of Chestnut bud (to increase the level of concentration and to learn fast) WATER VIOLET and OAK will make the child study well with “focus”. The child will not get bored if Oak is added. One dose of HORNBEAM will help the child from mental fatigue.

To understand any subject in a better way, and to grasp the subject, give OAK. The student without knowing the subject will try to understand it with a one-track mind. Oak will make him approach the subject differently (and smartly).

MUSTARD should be taken separately as a single dose daily, so that the student will understand any subject considered tough by him.

During the study holidays, the child can be given WATER VIOLET, OAK, GENTIAN and HORNBEAM so that the child will be more focused on studies, totally undisturbed.

This combination can be given for higher class students, namely Plus two, Engineering, Medical or IIT examinations, where concentration, understanding, focus are needed at the highest level. There will not be undue stress and the student will have peace and clarity in whatever he does. This combination can be taken on the date of examinations also. If there is undue tension then give them RESCUE REMEDY.

Mantra Healing

AMBIKA ANAADHI NITHANAA ASHWAROODAA APARAAJITHAA: this mantra brings success to you and therefore it is useful for all interviews and competitive exams.

When your child is studying for the exam, take a glass of water, hold it in your hands and chant this mantra. The water will get energized with this mantra. Give it to your child, which would help him to do well in the exam.

If your child is staying outside the city, then spray the water on photograph of your child. Or take the photograph and chant the mantra.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    I have a problem of very low attention span. This is affecting my professional life as my profession needs very high level of mental commitment and regular study and updated knowledge. I also want to do my Company Secretaries course which is becoming impossible with my mental makeup.

    Kindly help.
    Yours faithfully,

  2. Sir plz explain how to give reiki to our books,pen etc.. Here in France there’s no reiki centre.. Plz explain

  3. Sir u have mentioned remedies like oak water violet are these things available in ur centre or should it b chanted.

  4. My daughter is appearing for 10th std igcse boards,her forcus toward studies is very low,she is securing poor marks in her exams,now in 1st term she got only 30%,she is a very obedient girl but in studies very poor,when she gives her paper she feels is all correct but when she sees her marks she herself feels very disappointed,she know the answers but application during exams is not correct and also she feels lazy and distracted in the examination hall,I jus pray she gets very good percentage in her boards so that she gets admission in a very good college

  5. Sir i am going to attend my exam tommorow.i need to pass my exam its my future turning point please help me and tell me how can i give my best to exam

  6. NAran sir iam going to write my exam tommorow please help me to get pass marks i dont need marks more pass mark please tell me how can i give my best to exam


  8. Dear NaranJi , How can I attract good teachers , guides for my academic education ?

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